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Zyn Cymbal

These handcrafted cymbals from Turkey look just as they sound - Dark and complex. VNT are visually and sonically reminiscent of cymbals from the '50s and '60s, yet distinctly modern and relevant for today's music. Paper thin to thin, the 18" - 22" Zyns have a low profile, more integrated bell, and provide crash and ride qualities perfect for any musical setting. Very warm and responsive


Their played-in feel is noticeable the moment your stick hits the cymbal, making you think these cymbals have been on your kit for 50 years.

Mark II - Dark Knight
Dark Knight.png
The Dark Knight series is created to give the musician an instrument that can do it all. The cymbals are repeated fired to the enth degree and bathed in a secret acid formula that give these cymbals their unique edge. The extreme stresses from the actions create changes to the cymbals on a molecular level. Allowing the cymbals to sound aged mature and tender. This unique design exclusive to zyn is bright in tonality, warm, and light. Perfect for todays modern music. Try it to believe it.

Skillfully handcrafted at every step in Turkey using elements of cymbal-making even the most traditional cymbal companies have abandoned. 

Extensive multi-peen and high-density hammering is one of the factors that result in creating a peppering of drier and lower-pitched tone without the loss of any stick definition.  Their unique lathing and flatter, lower profile bell also result in a woody bell tone that is more integrated into the overall cymbal sound.

The lathing also delivers articulation that gets close to that of a raw cymbal, while allowing the cymbal to be bright. Essentially it’s a blend of open tones from the lathed sections with dry articulation from the un-lathed.

Zyn's stands out from others in appearance that will appeal to drummers who like dirt and blemishes. 

Mark IV - Vintage Raw Bell
Raw Bell.png

Vintage Crashes take the traditional K sound and brings it in an alternative direction with fresh tonal colours.


The Vintage Raw bell range is a Sweet Collection that extends the iconic legacy sound desired by all drummers into a new direction of tonal colours that are dark, sweet, and responsive. These sweet crashes are extra thin in weight with an unlathed bell and feature the traditional hammering technique that help to deliver a darker sound with a fast attack and great response.

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